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Ordering / Shipping Policy
We Want You to Know We Thank You & Value Your Business.
We Make the Best Quality Product at a Great Price!

Please follow the simple ordering guidelines during each sales.  Thank You for your Cooperation & Understanding.

Ordering limit is up to 9 items at a time using the largest USPS 07Shipping Box per order.  There are times when ordering limits are 1 per household, and we will announce this during special sales.  If more are available we will be announced this on the site's homepage.

Low Shipping costs of $6.75 for one EVO Drag Bus and  $9.95 for one pair (2 EVO's) for domestic U.S. shipments.  Two and Three Sets orders are slightly higher.  If you plan on getting more than one set (2 Busses), it is best for you to order at one time to save on shipping.  We do not have the resource to adjust shipping costs once you placed your order.

International Orders are shipped now by up to 9 EVO at a time.  This applies to U.S. orders as well.

**If the site is slow from opening day sales, and the pages are loading slowly, always remember: Never hit the purchase button more than once.  Although the page seems to "freeze", it is due to high traffic.  The first click to purchase will registered.  If the page seems to "freeze", we apologize.  The best thing to do is exit "X" the page, and check back later to see if the payment went through.  In most cases, the first click has always registered.  Even if the payment did not go through, your order with our site will register and we will do our best to fulfill the order.  We have had instances of 8 overcharges and the extra payments are returned immediately.  These are the results of clicking the purchase button when the page seems to "freeze" from excessive traffic.

*We ship USPS Priority Mail w/ Delivery Confirmation in the USA! 

International Shipping:  We ship USPS Priority Mail International.  There is a Delivery Confirmation on this method of shipping. 

Canadian customers with orders for a single set ("set" = 2 bus):  We will try to keep postage down for 1 set orders by shipping air parcel, which has no tracking.  We can only provide you with postal receipt from usps but no tracking.  If you want delivery confirmation/tracking, you must let us know immediately after you placed your order at info@ktekdiecast.com,  and we will ship Priority Mail International, and send you the additional invoice by email for the extra shipping costs.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  This policy is subject to change if we start having any problems with missing packages.  All International orders of more than one set (2 busses) must be shipped Priority Mail International (with tracking).

All international orders:  Please keep in mind, sometimes, it can take up to a month to clear customs in your foreign country.  Please have patience.

**We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages**

As always:  We reserve the right to cancel any orders at any time and return payment.  


Site Security:


Our  site for ordering is secure.  If you receive small pop-ups stating "your about to enter a non secure site," rest assure this is a MS Windows/Browser issue when going back and forth from one page to another.  Our SSL is up to date.


How to order:


First, you need to register with our site.  All your info is safe with us.   We do not share or sell your info with us.  Please read our privacy policy.  The name on the Credit Card should be you and it should match up with your credit card.  To order, go to the Category Section (ordering page), click on the Item(s) you wish to purchase, go to "View you Basket,"  you can edit the amount desired.  Continue next to make sure your name/address information is correct and proceed to select which Type of Payment you prefer and complete the payment.  Your done!   *Credit Card Tips (mm) (yyyy):  You MUST enter the full year of expiration**example: 2008  not 08    Your Card will be charged right away if it is successful.  As a security precaution, we ONLY ship to the card owners address.  If you have any questions about this, please email us at info@ktekdiecast.com


Confirmation of order email - Some of you might not get a confirmation email after your purchase during opening hours of sale day.  This is caused due to exceeding the amount of confirmation emails allowed in an given hour from our site/cart.  If you get the "Order Confirmed" Screen, your payment did go through and order secured.  If you need an invoice by email, please do not hesitate to ask, email us at info@ktekdiecast.com

We Do Not send an Invoice with Your Order.  This helps our shipping team speed up the fulfillment process.


Types of Payment:

Credit Card Payment:  After you review your order, Just fill in Your credit card number and go!  You will know your order went through with a 'confirmation' screen.  Please keep in mind during opening sale times, this site can only send out a certain amount of confirmation emails per hour.  If you didn't get an confirmation email and need one, please email us. 

*Credit Card Tips (mm) (yyyy):  You MUST enter the full year of expiration**example: 2008  not 08    Your Card will be charged right away if it is successful.  As a security precaution, we ONLY ship to the card owners address.  If you have any questions about this, please email us at info@ktekdiecast.com


Paypal Express.  Pay with your PayPal account.  *There is a minor issue so please read.  After you review your order and select Paypal as your payment, you will be taken to a https PayPal page to Login.  Once logged in, you will go to the next page with a orange "REVIEW" button at the bottom.  This review button is actually a "PAY NOW" button.  So make sure your basket is correct and the look over your total, and proceed to login to paypal and make the purchase with the "REVIEW" button.


Important:  Some Credit Cards will not work while most do.  If you have problems using your credit card, you can always print out an order form and send in your payment by mail.  Your order is registered with us once you print out the form.  If your ordered by CC, your card will be charged right away.


Payment by Mail:  For your convenience, there is payment by mail.  Money Order/ Cashier's Check/ Personal Check.  When you select this route and push continue after reviewing your order, it will take you to a page to print out an invoice to be sent in to us.  We will hold your order up to 10 days.  We ask you to please get in your payment on time.


Return Policy: 

By all means.  If your not happy with your purchase, you can qualify for a refund.  To date, we have rarely received any request for refund,  You have up to 14 days, unless noted, no questions asked, to get a refund, less the original "shipping charge."   You must be responsible for the shipping costs to ship these back to us in the same condition you received them.   Since the nature of these collectibles being resold, the maximum limit for returns is one set (2 busses), per person/household.  To ask for a return, simply email us at info@ktekdiecast.com 


Order Status:

You can check your order status by going into your order history on recent purchases.  Here are the meaning to the status terms used on the site pertaining to your order:

Payments by Credit Card & Paypal:

Pending:  Payment failed, did not complete, customer needs to re-order.

Processing:  Payment successful.  Order is in processing status.

Complete:  Order has been processed by us and awaiting shipping by US Postal Service.  Customer will receive email of delivery confirmation by usps.com.


Payment by Mail:

Pending:  Pending status is automatic when ordering by "Print order form."  Please make sure your payment arrives to us soon.

Complete:  Order has been processed by us and awaiting shipping by US Postal Service.  Customer will receive email of delivery confirmation by usps.com.


Other Status Terms:

Cancelled: Used by Administrators
Uncleared: Used by Administrators
Declined: Used by Administrators



Domestic Shipping:  We ship USPS by Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.  You will be informed when we start and you'll be notified by email from us as well from usps.com of your confirmation-tracking number..  Shipping on one car is $6.75 and goes up in increments per car, and is calculated for you during checkout.  Your order(s) will be shipped out individually OR together at our discretion. 


California Residents  must add 8.25% Sales Tax to your order and our shipping modules will calculate that for you.. If you live inside California and did not get charged for taxes, a separate invoice will be sent to you for the sales tax in order to process your order.  Our shipping and handling-processing charges is not negotiable.


International Shipping:  We do ship to most international countries such as Canada, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and most all European Countries.  If your Country does not come up during checkout, please email us and we will try to accommodate your order.  All orders are shipped with USPS Priority Mail with confirmation of delivery.

Canada:  Single car or single set orders from Canada, will be shipped by Airmail Parcel Post to help you save on shipping.  Any Canadian orders above one set (2 busses) will be shipped with Priority Mail International.    We are not responsible for lost packages during transit.  For Canadian orders of single set, we only can provide proof of mailing and the Customs Form number.  If you feel the need to have tracking, please inform us: info@ktekdiecast.com and we will set up Priority Mail International shipping with Confirmation of Delivery, otherwise, please do not purchase if you are uncomfortable without a tracking number. 

**We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages**

We Reserve the Right to Cancel Any Orders at Anytime.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@ktekdiecast.com

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